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23 gusht 2016

ESPERITE N.V. (ESP) publishes revenue increase of 6% compared to HY1 2015 and 8% compared to HY2 2015


ESPERITE N.V. (ESP) publishes revenue increase of 6% compared to HY1 2015 and 8% compared to HY2 2015

Significant EBITDA improvement


Zutphen, The Netherlands – 23 August 2016



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Esperite NV (Euronext: ESP, “Esperite” or “the Group”) has published its financial results (unaudited) for the period of six months ended June 30, 2016 showing an increase in total revenue by 6% compared to the same period last year and 8% compared to the second half year 2015.


The different entities of the group, Genoma and Cryo-Save are now on positive trends. Revenues are improving thanks to an efficient plan and an OPEX controlled by a performant and structured management.


Genoma is growing. Cryo-Save, reshaped, will grow again. The company remains with a number of employees in the range of 210.


The company has successfully consolidated its laboratory resources during this first six months of 2016. Combined with an optimized workflow, savings, starting from the second part of 2016 are estimated to represent a recurring amount of EUR 1.2 million on a yearly basis.


The global effort of structuration and consolidation of the different activities allowed the company to realize significant other costs reductions and economies of scale without compromising the ability to conquer new markets.


The company anticipates another EUR 1.5 million recurring on a yearly basis of savings and OPEX improvements for which benefit will start accounting during the second part of the year 2016.


Genoma sales increased by 171% compared to the same period last year and 58% compared to the HY2 2015.

The main product, Tranquility has confirmed its appeal to patients, doctors, laboratories and different distribution partners.

Serenity along with the other Genoma tests continues its development.

Genoma shows a consistent and increasing strong sales intake. The company expects an important development of the global market as many national public health systems are now covering the costs of genetic NGS testing and more specifically NIPT.


Cryo-Save revenue decreased by 6% compared to HY1 2015 and thanks to efforts given to the organisation, increased by 2% compared to HY2 2015.


The EBITDA for the same periods progressed as follow and shows a strong improvement:

HY1 2015: EUR -1.05 million

HY2 2015: EUR -1.80 million


and now :

HY1 2016: EUR -0.08 million.



Frederic Amar, CEO of Esperite group:

"Esperite prepares for a significant external funding before year end to which the main shareholder will contribute along with potential other investors. The company needs financial contribution to consolidate the existing business and accelerate its development for the benefit of its present and future shareholders"




ESPERITE Group, listed at Euronext Amsterdam and Paris, is a leading international company in regenerative and predictive medicine established in 2000.

To learn more about the ESPERITE group, or to book an interview with CEO Frederic Amar: +31 575 548 998 – or visit the websites at and